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Medical Deliveries

Clockwork Logistics is proud of its record of service to hospitals, the dental, optical and medical offices and laboratories throughout the nation. Our professional drivers are certified and adhere to regulations set forth by HIPPA, OSHA and IATA. They are experts at handling medical samples, and transporting frozen, refrigerated or ambient specimens.

About Us

Since 1984, throughout the Midwest from its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Our utilization of state-of-the-art shipment tracking technology, superior delivery service record and friendly customer service have made us preferred courier service.

Professional Drivers Our professional drivers deliver letters, packages, medical materials, inter-office mail, corporate records, and more.

Breadth We provide a diverse range of service levels, including routed stops, rush deliveries, same day/next day service and custom scheduled service.

Ideal Hiring, retaining and scheduling your own personnel, vehicle ownership costs, and insurance are all challenges of operating and managing an in-house courier service.



Our Services

Scheduled and Routed

Clockwork Logistics specializes in scheduled and routed service Locations.

Rush and Stat

Here at Clockwork Logistics, we pride ourselves in being fast and responsive.

Same Day and Next Day

If your package does not require quite the amount of urgency .


Clockwork Logistics can provide you with a dependable means of distributing information,

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❛❛ We have been using Clockwork Logistics for our local delivieries for over 10 years. They are always on time and we have never had a problem with loss or damage like we do with our other carriers! ❜❜

Dayle Lamar | Peerless Imaging

❛❛ My company has been using Clockwork for several years now. They are very pleasant to talk to when you call them. They have gone above and beyond to make sure we get our cases on time.❜❜

Chris Fodor |New Era Dental Studio