❛❛ We have been using Clockwork Logistics for our local delivieries for over 10 years. They are always on time and we have never had a problem with loss or damage like we do with our other carriers! ❜❜

Dayle Lamar | Peerless Imaging


Clockwork Logistics is proud of its record of service to hospitals and laboratories as well as dental, optical and medical offices throughout the nation. We recognize that, not only is reliability and the ability to make pick-ups and deliveries at their scheduled times essential for the success of our customers; but, careful handling and accurate tracking throughout the delivery chain is also absolutely mandatory. Clockwork’s professional drivers are certified and adhere to regulations set forth by HIPPA, OSHA and IATA. They are experts at handling medical samples, and always carry with them the proper equipment to transport frozen, refrigerated or ambient specimens. When you schedule Clockwork Logistics to handle your medical deliveries, you will have peace of mind knowing that samples will arrive where you want them, when you want them, and let’s not forget – the temperature you want them at : just like Clockwork.